Radon Testing by Independent Home Inspection

Bob Kenney

Bob Kenney

Independent Home Inspection can provide comprehensive  inspections for prospective home buyers and sellers in Maryland. 

Radon Testing is an additional+ service I provide either with a Home Inspection or alone.  I personally do all the testing and measurement so there is no 'third party' or lab.  My equipment is calibrated anually and I only use the electret system which has proven to be the most accurate of the technologies currently available to measure Radon.

I am not affiliated with and do not install Radon Mitigation,  I have no additional services to sell on the basis of your test results.  I can offer you reasonably priced, honest Radon Testing accomplished within the time constraints of your settlement or to verify previous Radon Testing results or independent mitigation effectiveness.

Radon can be a problem in homes of all types: old homes, new homes, drafty homes, insulated homes, homes with basements, and homes without basements.  Detection is the key to maintaining a healthy environment for your family.

The links above will open the EPA pamphlets shown for you to download or read online.

The video below will provide some information about your Radon test results.

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